Best Commercial Entrance Mats – Top 8 Picks

It may be hard to find a multifunctional entrance mat from a hundred of the best commercial entrance mats because only the right entrance mat can protect your visitors and the floor surface as well.

In this article, we’ll discuss the 8 best commercial entrance mats with complete buying tips.

I am pretty sure after reading this you’ll be able to pick the best one.

But first, you should know why you need an entrance mat in your office or home.

Why do you need an entrance mat?

An entrance mat with the right material, construction, size, and placement can be effective for multiple things. It stops the dirt, moisture grime, and mud under the shoes from coming into the building.

Suppose it is raining and people are moving, coming, and leaving the building at the same time.

If you don’t place a mat at the entry point, they will bring a lot of moisture and debris into the building with their shoes which ultimately leads to slips and falls accidents.

Also when an entrance mat prevents and traps dirt and grime you’ll find no mess in the building and it looks neater and clean.

So, to keep your visitors or family from slipping accidents and to keep your building or home cleaner from all the messes, you have to place an entrance mat.

Before we start the countdown, Wait!

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But don’t worry if you have the same issue, you can go with our top pick.

Our Top Pick

1. Notrax – Carpeted Entrance Mat

Length: 3 feet

Width: 2 feet

If you have naughty pets in your home or office, you may be looking for a multi-functional. So, you should go with the Notrax carpeted entrance mat because it has all the advanced features the best entrance mat should have.

With the help of brush steps, it is ideal to control the spread of dirt that comes with the muddy paws of naughty pets. It uses a blend of quality materials to make it more soft and comfortable.

When it comes to its safety, it has a vinyl backing that stops it from sliding on hard floors. So, there are no chances of slips and falls.

Furthermore, it won’t create issues with the smooth and easy opening of doors because it has a reasonable thickness level. To clean it you simply need to frequently vacuum it and for deep spots or stains, you can use mild detergent or water.

For a great look, it is available in different colors and sizes which makes it a more adjustable entrance mat.

Best Commercial Entrance Mats


  • Ideal for both home and offices/commercial
  • Safe for children and pets as well
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Made with quality material
  • Non-slip, non-moving rug (Top Review)
  • Washable


  • Slips if found water or high moisture under the mat

Types of Commercial Entrance Mats

When selecting a commercial entrance mat, the first step is to consider which type best suits your needs. The most popular types of mats are carpeted rubber and vinyl-backed mats.

Carpeted entrance mats are typically made from nylon or polypropylene fibers and come in various finishes such as loop pile, cut pile, or Berber. They effectively trap dirt and debris while still providing a soft feel for visitors.

Rubber-backed mats are very durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They don’t absorb moisture so they are an ideal choice for wet areas like swimming pools or showers.

Vinyl-backed mats provide excellent traction on slippery surfaces as well as being able to withstand outdoor elements. They are designed to be low-maintenance as they do not require regular cleaning or vacuuming.

Buying Guide

Things a best Commercial Entrance Mats should have:

Size and Shape of Mat

Entrance mats come in various sizes, so it’s important to select one that will fit the area where it will be used. Depending on the type of traffic entering your facility, you may need a longer or wider mat than what is typically available.

So, always try to pick an entrance mat of a large size.

Quality of Material

Quality is an important thing that ensures the product is long-lasting.

Entrance mats have different types of materials such as rubber, woven, seagrass, cork, aluminum, polypropylene, nylon, fiber, PVC, and others.

But what type of material you have to choose depends on where you want to place the mat. For example, an entrance mat with high-quality fiber, seagrass, or rubber is ideal for indoor use.

The mats with other types of high materials are used for offices, commercial buildings, and other areas with high traffic.

So, you have to look for materials wisely as you need.

Type of Business

What type of business you have is also a considerable thing because places like healthcare and hospitals have some specific requirements.

On the other hand, fitness centers, construction areas, and goods manufacturing industries have different requirements. That’s why you have to choose a mat that meets your needs and is more suitable for your place.


The durability of a mat is directly concerned with its quality because a mat with high-quality material must be more durable. The simplest thing an entrance mop does is absorb the dirt, moisture, and grime from under the human shoes or paws of pets.

If a mat does not have quality material, it won’t work for a long time and this will directly affect its durability.

So, to look for a durable mat you should consider its material quality.

How does it look?

For some people, the look is the most important thing when choosing a household product. Because the thing that comes to someone notice’s is usually placed at the entrance and gives the first impression to a visitor who enters your office, store, or home.

Is it for you?

Entrance mats are available in different types of colors and designs. If you are running a brand store you can choose a mat with a brand logo.

Furthermore, a custom entrance mat is also a common way to communicate with your customers.


Entrance mats come in a variety of colors ranging from neutral tones to bright and vibrant hues. Selecting the right color can help create a welcoming atmosphere for guests as well as provide an element of style to your business space.

Safety of a Mat

Slips and fall accidents lead to serious injuries. The American National Standards Institute set some standards for the selection and installation of a commercial entrance mat to reduce slips and fall incidents.

So, an entrance mat should be safe whether it is placed outside a commercial building or office or it is placed outside a room in a house.

Recessed mats are much better for a commercial building entrance while the mats with high-quality fabric are ideal for home use.

Best Commercial Entrance Mats

2. WaterHog Diamond Commercial-Grade Entrance Mat

Length: 12.2 feet

Width: 3 feet

If you want to place an entrance mat outside a high-traffic area then this Waterhog diamond commercial entrance mat could be an ideal option for you.

Because it is constructed of rubber-reinforced face nubs to trap water and dirt.

The water dam border keeps water and dirt at the base of the mat which reduces tracking.

And the rubber reinforcement of the textile surface pattern prevents the pile from crushing which makes it a long-lasting mat with high performance.

To match any decor it has a large number of color options.

With up to 12 feet long it can easily handle two persons at a time.


  • Minimizing the floor damage
  • Pet and children-friendly
  • Ideal for both indoor/home and outdoor/commercial use
  • Certified as slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute
  • Washable and reusable
  • Contains 20% recycled rubber content


  • It may not be suitable for areas exposed to animal fats, kitchens, or petroleum products

3. Guardian Clean Step Scraper Outdoor Floor Mat

Size: 4′ x 6′

It is not affordable to buy an entrance floor mat multiple times within a few months. So you may need an entrance mat that will never get old and out of use.

Then you should pick the guardian clean step scraper outdoor floor entrance mat that is made of 100% quality rubber material that makes it a long-lasting mat.

The beveled edges prevent slips and falls for additional safety.

The superior molded tread can easily remove dirt and grime from the shoes and trap them into the mat base. Textured backing keeps it in place and stops moving even in areas with high moisture.

It needs no extra care, you only need to wipe it with a damp cloth, shake it out, or vacuum it.

Also, you can wash it with water if needed.

It could be placed in any outside entryway with high traffic such as hallways of a home, outside a brand store, and outside an office with a large number of visitors daily.

And anywhere else you want to place it!


  • High traction certified by the National Floor Safety Institute
  • Safe for areas with a high moisture level
  • Suitable for all types of hard floors and carpets as well
  • More durable because of high-quality material
  • Environment friendly


  • Small in size as compared to other best commercial entrance mats (but still good enough)

4. Notrax 136 Polynib Entrance Mat

Size: 2′ x 3′

With advanced features and benefits, the Nortax polynib entrance mat could be an attractive option. Because it is specifically designed for medium to high-traffic areas.

Places with high traffic lead to more chances of dirt and grime coming into your home or office with shoes. So, this is ideal for both homes and offices and effectively controls the spread of dirt that comes with muddy shoes.

It is available in different colors and sizes which makes it more versatile.

The amazing thing about Notrax mats is their vinyl backing that limits the sliding of mats on hard floor surfaces or a surface with high moisture levels.

To smoothly open and close the doors it has a low profile that won’t interfere with the doors.


  • Pets friendly
  • Long-lasting; Don’t worry about replacing
  • Hide pet stains
  • Prevent the floor surface from damage
  • Tough stuff! Holding up well to my power Wheelchair (Top review)


  • The side rubber cracked after a year; Review

Depends on the way you take care of the mat

5. Durable Heavy Duty Rubber Outdoor Entrance Mat

Size: 36″ x 72″

This is a fingertip mat with the brushing action of hundreds of resilient rubber fingertips that can easily wipe off the dirt from under the shoes.

To prevent the mat movement due to high moisture it has a corrugated pattern on the bottom. That ultimately reduces the slips and falls incidents due to a mat sliding.

The beveled edging also improves both quality and safety.

This mat could be used anywhere in a home or a commercial building. No need to worry about high traffic with muddy shoes.

Due to its large size, it could be placed on an entry point where more than one person enters at the same time.


  • Large in size
  • Made with heavy-duty rubber material
  • Fingertip wipes off dirt
  • Easy to clean, washable
  • Suitable for any indoor/outdoor entrances


  • You Need to punch several holes into the bottom

6. M+A WaterHog Eco Commercial Entrance Mat

Size: 6′ Length x 4′ Width

Ultimate Bi-level design with raised nubs can effectively remove the dirt and moisture from shoes and trap it below the foot level.

Reinforced rubber nubs also prevent piles from crushing which increases the durability of the mat and makes it long-lasting.

To keep your floor clean, dry, and safe from high-level moisture it has a water dam border that can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard.

The solution-dyed PET fabric is completely stained-resistant and dries quickly, within a few minutes.

The color of the mat won’t fade even after multiple washes so you can enjoy the amazing look for a long time.


  • Stain-resistant and won’t fade
  • Reduces the slip hazards
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Eco friendly
  • Suitable for high-traffic entry points
  • Exceptional quality and super durable (Top review)


  • Rubber shrinks and expands in conjunction with time and temperature

7. Wearwell Natural Rubber Grease Resistant Mat

Size: 36″ x 60″

With an effective low-profile design, it is ideal for large and tight doorway designs. To reduce the mat slipping it has a built-in underside gripper.

So, you can consider it a safer entrance mat.

It can hold the dirt and moisture that comes with shoes even at an entry point with high traffic such as a store or office.

Environment-friendly design and features make it more suitable for residential spaces and commercial uses as well.


  • Durable rubber compound resists elements
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • UV resistant
  • The ultimate outdoor entry solution
  • Reduces slips and cleaning


  • Sturdy but not rigid

8. Guardian EcoGuard Indoor Wiper Floor Mat

The Guardian EcoGuard mat is not only environmentally friendly but also highly efficient in trapping dirt and moisture, keeping your entrance clean and safe.

Its unique design includes a bi-level surface that scrapes debris from shoes and a water dam border that prevents moisture from seeping onto the floor.

This mat is resistant to crushing, meaning it retains its functionality and appearance even in high-traffic areas. Its rubber backing is slip-resistant, providing an extra layer of safety.

Remarkably, despite offering all these features, the Guardian EcoGuard mat remains very affordable, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses.

Best Commercial Entrance Mats
Image: Amazon


  • Made from recycled materials
  • High absorption and durability
  • Efficient dirt and moisture removal


  • May not be suitable for heavy outdoor use due to its lightweight design

Warp up on the Best Commercial Entrance Mats

I hope you enjoy the list of best commercial entrance mats and I am pretty sure you have found your best pick as well.


Places with different surroundings have different needs. So, I’ve covered all the best and most suitable options for an entrance mat for both indoor/home and outdoor/commercial use.

No matter which one you will pick, you should consider the buying guide that will make it easier for you to select the best one.

For more queries about the article, you can ask freely in the comment section. It will be our top priority to answer your queries as soon as possible.

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Is a commercial entrance mat washable?

Of course, you can wash it with water whenever you want. Let it dry and reuse it. However, washing it with water daily is not recommended because it reduces the durability of a mat that is made with fabric or even rubber.

How to clean it on a daily basis?

To clean it on a daily basis you can use a vacuum cleaner or use the hose attachments to get the areas in the grooves. Moreover, you can only sweep it with a broom as well.

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