Triexta Carpet: Facts you Should Know in 2022

Triexta is the newest and most emerging carpeting fiber in the market. And getting popular day by day. You may hear somewhere about triexta carpet but what actually it is?

Hey guys my name is Ali Saad and I am gonna break down the facts about triexta carpet that most people don’t know.

What Triexta Carpet Actually is?

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DuPont is the company that invented the triexta under the brand name Sorona. This is the same company that previously invented nylon fiber in 1939.

Triexta also known as PTT stands for poly trimethylene terephthalate.

Mohawk Industries is the most popular manufacturer that currently used Sorona triexta in carpeting under the brand name SmartStrand.

Triexta is a subclass of polyester that is officially recognized as a new generic name for PPT in 2009 by the US Federal Trade Commission. Because both polyester and triexta have the same root chemical.

But as a final product triexta is significantly different from polyester in its characteristics. So, you can say triexta is a synthetic carpet fiber that has a few similarities with polyester.

Triexta Carpet: Advantages


Triexta carpets are more similar to nylon carpets and have a matte finish appearance. That is a little bit different from polyester carpets which have a higher shiner look.

They are available in a number of colors, textures, and twisted yarns that create a casual feel.

Comfortable underfoot

Popular brands like Mohawk who widely manufacture triexta carpets claim their exclusive carpet cushion has a deep foam construction that is specifically engineered to provide you a soft and comfortable feel while walking on.

This smart cushion can improve the carpet’s insulation qualities to make a room quieter and more energy efficient.


Triexta carpets are also known as natural stain resistant. For many minor dirt stains, you only need tap water to eliminate them rather than using a liquid cleaner or a carpet cleaner spray.

Further, they don’t absorb moisture because they are made with hydrophobic fibers. And this is the major reason for their high-level stain resistance as well.

So, this makes them a more suitable carpet for homes with pets and children.

For deep and old stains like coffee, oil, or tea you may need a steam mop to clean them.


You may be surprised to hear that Mohawk industries which is the biggest manufacturer of triexta carpets claim that triexta carpet is more durable than nylon and it is the strongest fiber in the market as well.

Especially in areas with high foot traffic a triexta carpet can last for years.

Moreover, triexta fiber also resists fading. So, it can be also used in areas where direct sunlight is coming.

Environment Friendly

One of the most attractive things about triexta carpets is they are also available in an environment-friendly version.

To produce triexta carpet at a lower cost popular brands like DuPont used corn glucose in their manufacturing. And corn glucose is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than petroleum.

So, it replaced petroleum that has high chemicals in the fiber as compared to corn glucose.


If you are comparing a triexta carpet with a nylon carpet then the good news is, that triexta carpets are less expensive than nylon. But with the same durability, water-proofing, and stain resistance as nylon.

From another aspect, if you are comparing it with a polyester carpet then a triexta carpet is a little bit more expensive than polyester.

Some high-quality SmartStrand silk-style carpets are more expensive even than nylon.

Triexta Carpet: Disadvantages

Newbie in the Market

To win the customer’s hearts trustworthiness is a key factor. Usually, people don’t trust products that are new in the market and don’t have any track record. As compared to those products that are trendy in the market for years.

The same issue is with the triexta carpets, they have not been on the market for a long time.

But a good point is the brand (Mohawk) that produces triexta fiber is trustable. So, people may trust the product on the behalf of a brand’s popularity.

Hard to Clean With Vaccum

Triexta carpet needs a high-quality vacuum with more suction power because it is denser than other carpet materials like polyester and nylon etc.

Triexta Carpet Cost

The average price of a triexta carpet is between $3.5 to $5 per square foot. This is a mid-range price of the most popular manufacturing brand Mohawk. The cost may vary and reach $8 per square foot with high-quality material, different colors, styles, or series.

Is Triexta Better Than Nylon? Triexta Carpet vs Nylon

Triexta is a relatively new type of synthetic fiber that was introduced in 2006. It’s made from polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT), a polyester derivative. In terms of its physical properties, triexta is similar to nylon 6,6.

It has high strength and elasticity, as well as good resistance to abrasion, pilling, and soil release. It’s also moisture-wicking and has excellent colorfastness. In terms of its environmental impact, triexta is made from renewable resources and is recyclable.

So, what are the advantages of triexta over nylon? First, it has superior stain resistance. This is due to the fact that the fibers are tightly bound together, making it difficult for stains to penetrate.

Second, triexta is more resistant to static electricity than nylon. This means that it’s less likely to attract dust and lint. Finally, triexta is less prone to pilling than nylon.

Triexta carpet has the same qualities as nylon such as durability, appearance, long-lasting, and resilience. But the only difference between them is cost, triexta carpet is less expensive than nylon.

And according to carpeting professionals, there are high chances of triexta fiber being an alternative to nylon in the coming few years, especially in regard to cost and environmental friendliness.

But it would be still too early to declare triexta a better option than nylon. Because it has no users who reviewed it after using it for up to 15 years.

This is because the fibers are less likely to break down under friction. So, if you’re looking for durable and easy-to-care-for fabric, triexta may be the right choice for you.

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Popular Triexta Carpet Brands

Currently, these brands are known as one of the most popular brands that produce triexta fiber carpets.


As Mohawk claims triexta fiber will be more sustainable than all other fiber types in the next 10 years or maybe in less. So, if you trust the brand you can go with the triexta fiber over nylon and polyester synthetic fibers.

But the thing is if you don’t trust the brand you should wait until triexta fiber takes its actual place in the market.

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Is triexta carpet soft?

Triexta fiber is considered softer underfoot than nylon and polyester. Because it doesn’t use any chemical application to be more stain-resistant and sustainable. It is naturally stain-resistant and sustainable.

Is SmartStrand and Triexta are same?

Triexta carpets are available in the market with different names like Sorona, PPT, and SmartStrand. For now, the major manufacturer that widely produces them is Mohawk under the brand name SmartStrand.

Should You Buy Triexta Carpet?

If you want to buy a carpet other than nylon then you should choose triexta. Because it is more durable and resilient than other synthetic fibers like polyester and polypropylene. However, the future look of triexta is brighter than nylon and wool as well.

Is triexta fiber toxic?

Carpet toxicity is a hot topic because it directly refers to your health. The good news is that triexta is naturally stain-resistant. So, it doesn’t use harmful stain protectants in its manufacturing.

Is Triexta carpet better than polyester?

Yes! nowadays majority of carpet industry experts considered triexta carpet a better option than polyester. They said it is more durable, resilient, and also performance-wise better. Moreover, it is cost-competitive with polyester and nylon.

How long will the Triexta carpet last?

As you know, the triexta carpet is new in the carpet industry. So, no one has a long-time user experience yet. But the biggest Industry Mohawk that produces SmartStrand /Triexta in different varieties claims a texture retention warranty of 20 to 25 years. Moreover, they also offer a lifetime stain and soil warranty.

Is Triexta carpet low VOC?

As we mentioned above the triexta carpet is naturally stain resistant and it is treated with fewer chemicals in its manufacturing. So, they are lower in off-gassing. That’s why you can say it is extremely low VOC.

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