9 Best Cordless Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Best Cordless Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

All hardwood flooring materials like oak, cherry, walnut, and maple have tight grain patterns. This tight grain pattern makes them more scratch-resistant. However you still need to be careful because a bad vacuum cleaner can do this job easily. Because the major issue with traditional vacuums is, they have roller brushes with thick bristles that … Read more

Best Commercial Entrance Mats – Top 7 Picks

Best Commercial Entrance Mats

It may hard to find a multifunctional entrance mat from a hundred of the best commercial entrance mats because only the right entrance mat can protect your visitors and the floor surface as well. In this article, we’ll discuss the 7 best commercial entrance mats with complete buying tips. I am pretty sure after reading … Read more

How to Use a Floor Nailer in 7 Easy Steps

How to Use a Floor Nailer

You should have a floor nailer whenever you planned to install a hardwood floor in your home. Because without a floor nailer you can’t complete the process. But yet it is not easier to use it without knowing how to use a floor nailer. After all, it is a hardware tool that needs some basic … Read more

Laminate Stairs: All You Want to Know in 2022

Laminate Stairs

Laminate flooring has multiple things to like about like durability, affordable and beauty. But what about laminate stairs? Is laminate can be installed properly on stairs? Is laminate still durable after installing on stairs? You may have these types of questions in your mind right now. Because installing a flooring material on a flat surface … Read more

Triexta Carpet: Facts you Should Know in 2022

Triexta carpet

Triexta is the newest and emerging carpeting fiber in the market. And getting popular day by day. You may hear somewhere about triexta carpet but what actually it is? Hey guys my name is Ali Saad and I am gonna break down the facts about triexta carpet that most people don’t know. What Triexta Carpet … Read more