6 Cheapest Patio Flooring Materials and ideas- Ultimate Solution

Appealing and comfortable patio floorings are so expensive and it is hard to find the best and cheapest patio flooring material.

Like other floorings, the patio flooring also increases the beauty of a home. Most people love to unwind outdoor with family and friends.

You must be one of them. Are you?

Obviously, that is the reason you are here to get the right one.

Well, you are at the right spot because I am gonna tell you the 6 best and cheapest patio floorings with an ultimate buying guide.

Make sure you have read the buying guide carefully before making a purchase. Because it will allow you to make a better decision.

But first, let’s discuss what types of flooring materials could be used for patio flooring because there are multiple types.

Cheapest patio Flooring ideas


cheapest patio Flooring
Credit: Goodworksfurniture.com

One of the most common and popular ideas for patio flooring is the installation of a hardwood floor. At an affordable price, the hardwood patio flooring could meet your needs.

The natural look of wood makes the area more attractive.

To prevent it from rotting you don’t need extra maintenance. You only need to clean it with a dry or wet microfiber mop and it will shine like a newbie.

Hardwood floors can last for many years if you will do proper care maintenance. Because the lifespan of any type of flooring depends on the way you care, maintain, and clean it.

Usually, the wooden deck boards and wood floor tiles are considered best for the outdoors.

When it comes to its durability, the hardwood floors are more durable even in areas with high foot traffic. So, if you have a patio with high foot traffic you can go with the hardwood floor option.

Wood TypeMaterial Buying cost per square footInstallation cost per square foot
Pine $2 to $5 $3 to $5
Teak, oak, American Cherry $5 to $15 $3 to $8
Credit: Homeadvisor.com

Luxury Vinyl Planks/Tiles

Cheapest patio Flooring
Credit: Darbylanefurniture.com

All types of vinyl floorings are suitable for outdoor use but the luxury vinyl planks and tiles are more suitable and common.

If you don’t have more money to spend on patio flooring but want to install real hardwood flooring. You can pick the vinyl flooring because it has a realistic look of real hardwood.

The thing that makes it a more attractive option is the price difference. A vinyl flooring is less expensive than a real hardwood flooring material.

Moreover, it is durable and can last up to 20 years with proper care.

If we talk about its look, vinyl flooring has a large number of designs and patterns with amazing colors.

The easy installation allows you to do it by yourself.

To install vinyl flooring on your patio you may have to spend $3 to $4 per square foot at the cheapest rate.

The price may vary with the quality of materials.

Foam Tiles

Cheapest Patio Flooring
Credit: Greatmats.com

Foam tiles are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors but some are specifically designed for outdoor use at an affordable price.

Foam tiling is ideal for a patio that is next to a pool or water play area. Because this type of patio usually having high foot traffic with a lot of moisture and dirt.

And they are completely water-resistant so they can easily eliminate slips and falls accidents. With easy cleaning, you only need a damp cloth to clean the dirty areas.

Foam tiling gives you an antibacterial patio floor surface that will be anti-fungal and non-toxic as well.

Artificial Grass

Cheapest Patio Flooring

Usually, people like the natural look of grass and they have lush yards. But if you want the cheapest patio flooring with low maintenance that also provides you the realistic look of natural grass.

The artificial grass flooring could be an ideal option for you.

There are no more worries about watering and cutting the grass. The simplest thing you need to do is cleaning.

Moreover, the artificial grass floor can bear heavy foot traffic. The attractive look gives you a feel of a lush green lawn.

So, if you don’t have a green lawn in your home, you should have a lush green patio as an alternative.

Less Expensive Bricks

cheapest patio flooring
Credit: Everythingbackyard.net

Bricks flooring is one of the most cost-effective patio floorings with different patterns, designs, and colors. They can be last for a long time if they properly maintained.

Because of their hardness, they are more durable and suitable for areas with heavy and regular foot traffic.

Bricks are completely water-resistant so you can use them freely for outdoor use and in the patio next to water play areas.

Dry and wet mopping both are ideal for their cleaning and maintenance.

Moreover, bricks can be recycled and you can use them anywhere else like building a house or outdoor fireplaces.

The price of bricks patio flooring installation is $1 to $5 per square foot. It may vary with the quality of the material.

Concrete Patio flooring

cheapest patio flooring
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Concrete flooring is also a versatile and durable patio flooring. Most importantly concrete slabs are available at a low price that makes it the cheapest patio flooring as well.

It provides an amazing look to your patio with different varieties of designs and colors.

Furthermore, the lifespan of concrete patio flooring is long. It can last up to 20 years with easy maintenance. A dry or wet mopping would be enough for its daily maintenance.

It is completely water-resistant and stain-resistant so not only on the patio you can use it anywhere outside the home.

Outdoor Carpeting

cheapest patio flooring
Credit: Menards.com

If you want to take your patio to the next level in comfort and beauty, you should consider outdoor carpeting as well. Any other type of flooring can not beat it in comfort underfoot.

There are many types of carpet flooring like polyester, acrylic, Wool, and nylon. But keep in mind you wanted carpet flooring for outdoor use. But these all are better for indoor usage.

So there is a difference between indoor carpeting and outdoor carpeting. It may a little bit hard to maintain outdoor carpet flooring, especially patio carpeting.

Not all carpets are not completely water-resistant but a few are modern engineered.

So, for patio flooring peel and stick carpet tiles could be a better option at an affordable price.

6 Best and Cheapest patio Flooring Materials

1. Yaheetech Interlocking Patio Wood Floor Tiles

Tile size: : 12 x 12 x 1’’ (LxWxThickness)

These wood tiles can be a good choice if you are thinking to install a hardwood floor on your patio.

With the help of an interlocking base, you can finish by simply snapping and placing. Most importantly you can do this by yourself without any extra tools.

You can apply them to any existing surface such as cement, carpet vinyl, etc. With high quality and durability, they can be applied to a patio next to the poolside, balcony, bathrooms, and greenhouse.


  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor places
  • Made with 100% solid fir wood
  • Available at affordable price
  • To avoid cracking tiles are tightly connected to each other
  • Long-lasting


  • A little bit hard to install over an existing carpet floor


2. LVT Interlocking Patio Flooring

Tiles Size: 7 mm thick and  12” width x 24” length 

Luxury vinyl interlocking tiles are ideal for every type of outdoor surface, especially for patio flooring. It can be installed on most existing floors like hardwood, tiles, concrete, and stone.

With the 100% waterproofing technology, it won’t ripple or swell due to high moisture. With the realistic prints, it looks like a real stone or hardwood floor surface.

For easy cleaning and maintenance, it only needs a vacuum or a damp cloth.


  • Made with ultra durable material
  • Great for imperfect sub-floors
  • Stone plastic composite flooring
  • Easy Installation, do it as a DIY project
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


  • Not scratch-resistant against heavy furniture movement

3. EVA Foam Interlocking Floor Tiles

Tiles size: 24” x 24” x3/8”

This eve foam interlocking floor tiles are a more versatile cheapest patio flooring option with multifunctional features and beautiful designs patterns to choose from.

The foam tiles have a comfort layer that provides a comfortable feel underfoot and water, heat, and noise resistant as well.

To clean and maintain them for a long lifespan you can easily wipe, vacuum, or rinse it tiles.

Interlocking pattern tiles are easy to install and the puzzle piece design allows you to customize and place them in any space.

It is more suitable for both high and low-foot traffic patios.

Not only in a patio, but you can also install this flooring in a bathroom, kitchen, and in other outdoor areas.


  • Simple installation and storage due to interlocking pattern
  • Stain-resistant as well
  • Multiple designs options with different colors
  • Tiles are flexible and shock absorbing; so it can handle high foot traffic
  • It provides the appearance of expensive and beautiful flooring in a low cost


  • Too slippery to use as a play mat (Top critical review)

4. Golden Moon Artificial Grass Interlocking Tiles

Tiles Size: 30cm x 30cm

If you don’t have a lush green yard with natural grass in your home then these golden moon artificial grass tiles can make your patio like a garden.

No worry about watering and cutting you only need to sweep and wash by hose.

With the realistic grass look, these tiles can be used for any outdoor surface and in any climate. The waterproofing feature eliminates the rain and snow effects.

Further, it can absorb the noise, pressure, and shock that make it a multi-functional outdoor flooring option.


  • It has drainage holes in the back side to leak the rain water.
  • More suitable for patio, lawn and garden.
  • Flame resistant.
  • Made with high quality polypropylene.


  • Lifespan is not too long, you need to replace after 5 to 6 years for outdoor use.

5. iCustomRug Outdoor Carpet with Marine Backing

In the outdoor carpets category, I have found the iCustomRug carpet with marine backing as the cheapest patio flooring option.

It is one of the best outdoor carpets with easy cleaning and maintenance. You just need to hose off and let it dry.

However, outdoor carpets are usually difficult to maintain.

The acids, alkalis, and salts can’t damage the surface because of high-quality synthetic material.

With easy installation, you can install it by yourself within a few minutes.


  • It can be used for both indoor and outdoor surfaces like patio, deck, sunroom and boat.
  • More durable than other patio carpets.
  • The color and texture both are amazing (Said by a Buyer).


  • The color shade may vary from advertisement.
  • A little bit difficult to maintain as a outdoor carpet.


6. Pure Garden Patio and Deck Tiles

Tiles size: Length 12 inches X Width 12 inches

This cheapest patio flooring has a set of 6 interlocking tiles that allows you to install them easily without using any tool.

To make them enough durable to resist fading and rain damage they have used high-quality wood and plastic in their composition.

One square of 6 interlocking tiles can cover an area of 5.8 square feet. So, these tiles can be used in patios, around the pool, and in the balconies as well.


  • Easy to assemble; 6 tiles are snapped together
  • All weather resistant
  • Great for the areas with direct sunlight
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Uncrackable; It can bear hevy foot traffic


  • Extreme artificial apearance


Buying Guide

Things you have to look at while picking the cheapest patio flooring:

Should be Water-resistant

A patio flooring should be water and moisture-resistant because not every patio has a ceiling. So in rainy weather, the floor surface can’t be damaged by the heavy rainwater and moisture.

Also in winter the heavy snowfall usually damaged the patio floorings because they are outside.

If you pick a patio flooring with a water-resistant feature you won’t face these water and moisture issues.

Furthermore, a patio next to a water play area or pool also required water-resistant flooring.

Easy to Install

If you install patio flooring by yourself, you can save a lot of money that you have to spend in the form of installation costs.

So you have to consider patio flooring with easy installation.

Most of the patio floorings I have mentioned in the above list are easy to install without using extra tools.


As I told you not every patio has a ceiling, so the floor surface has to face direct sunlight with high heat that can damage its look badly.

But a patio flooring with a heat-resistant feature can’t be damaged by the direct sunlight and won’t get fade.

So, this is also a considerable thing while selecting the cheapest patio flooring.

Pick the accurate size

You have to measure the size of your patio. Measure both length and width.

After that, you have to determine how much area you need to cover. And then you will decide the number of pieces of your selected flooring material.

The number of pieces depends on the size of each piece.

Consider your surface

What type of floor surface do you already have in your patio will decide what will you choose. Suppose if you already have a hardwood floor surface in your patio then you don’t install another hardwood floor on it.

First, you have to remove the existing one.

So always consider what type of surface you are going to install new flooring.

Also, the surface should be stable, avoid installing a floor on an unstable or broken surface. It can badly damage the new one and you won’t get the best results.


I hope now you are probably able to pick the right one and cheapest patio flooring for your home. My top priority is to provide you quality content after deeply researching a specific topic.

If it facilitates you, do provide your feedback in the comment section. For more queries about this topic, you can also use the comment section.

I will try to answer all queries.


Can I use wood planks as a patio flooring option?

Yes, you can. Because the wood planks have all the qualities a patio flooring should have. They are water-resistant, long-lasting, suitable for high foot traffic, and easy to clean.

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