7 Best Wood Floor Polish To Shine Your Floor

According to Statista research, the sales value of wooden polishes just in the United Kingdom reached 30 million British pounds.

Hardwood is the most valuable and widely used floor to give a luxurious look to your home. They are classic!

But on the other hand, they require a lot of care. If you don’t clean, polish, and wax them at the right time, they will lose their luxurious look soon.

However, choosing the best wood floor polish to maintain and protect your floor appearance is a little bit tough job. Because not every wood polish is suitable for every type of wooden floor.

So, I am going to break down the 6 best wood floor polishes that could be more suitable to shine and protect your wood floors.

But first to understand the importance you should know the reasons behind using a polish for wood floors.

Why You Should Polish a Wood Floor?

To Protect your Floor

If you have pets in your home then they definitely create a lot of mess all day. And to clean their mess obviously, you have to use a vacuum, a steam clean, or a microfiber head mop.

You may have to do it multiple times in a single day because you can’t stop them from creating a mess.

So these all happenings can damage a wood floor surface and look. Especially over cleaning is the biggest reason that not only damages the appearance but damages the material as well.

A wood floor polish can protect your floor from this. It can refill the scuff marks and other deep scratches made by pets or anything else.

Moreover, it protects a wood floor from over-cleaning damage. So, you can clean your floor multiple times in a single day with a vacuum or other mop.

To maintain Appearance!

The most attractive thing about the wooden floor is its luxurious appearance. The wood floor’s shine can be faded by high foot traffic, dirt, dust, and all type of messes. But a wood floor polish can restore the protective finishing layer with real shine.

So, to maintain the luxurious appearance of a hardwood floor you have to use a polish.

What is the Difference Between a Cleaner and Polish?

A floor polish and floor cleaner are completely different so don’t mix up them like many other confused people.

But how? Let me explain!

A floor cleaner is a chemical-based product that is supplied as liquid. The main purpose of a liquid floor cleaner is to remove stains, dirt, grime, and any other type of mess from the floor surface with water.

It is used for wet mopping a hard floor. However, some liquid cleaners are hygienic and they kill germs as well from the floor surface.

A floor polish is a maintenance coating that provides shine to a floor, especially a hardwood floor. Whenever you feel your floor looking dull, you have to consider a coat of polish.

Moreover, a wood floor polish is needed once in two to three months. But a liquid floor cleaner is needed multiple times a month. Because whenever the floor gets dirty and messy you need to clean it with a liquid floor cleaner.

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Wood Floor Polish: Advantages

  • It provides a more shiny and beautiful look to a hardwood floor
  • Wood floor polish is an ideal option for treating deep scratches and scuff marks on the floor surface
  • It protects the upper layer of the wood floor from any type of damage
  • Wood floor polish has its own fragrance
  • Most wood floor polishes come with a nontoxic formula
  • They are completely safe for pets and children
  • More suitable and ideal for restoring old floorboards
  • Cost-effective

Types of Wood Finishes

Water-Based Polyurethane Polish

Water-based polyurethane polish provides a thick coating that helps protect the surface from scratches, scuffs, and dirt buildup while giving it a glossy finish. This polish is easy to apply and dries quickly, so you won’t have to wait long before walking on the floor.

Penetrating Finishes

While on the other hand in the penetrating finish, the polish or wax will penetrate the wood grain. And it does not sit upon the upper layer of the wood floor. This type of wood floor finishing is more suitable for maintaining wood floors to last for years.

Usually, hardwood floors get scratched when you move heavy furniture or other home appliances from one room to another. So, it protects the wood from scratches and other types of high foot traffic damage.

Oil-Based Polyurethane Polish

Oil-based polyurethane polish is slightly thicker than water-based versions and provides a more durable finish that’s suitable for high-traffic areas.

This type of polish may require multiple coats for an even sheen, and it takes longer to dry between applications so you’ll need to wait several hours or overnight before walking on the surface.

Wax Polishes

Wax polishes are available in both traditional formulas (made from carnauba wax) and modern variants (made from synthetic polymers). Either type of wax helps give floors a deeper shine while protecting them from scratches.

Wax polishes require regular reapplication to maintain the finish and need to be buffed in between coats for best results.

Urethane-Fortified Polish

Urethane-fortified polish combines both polyurethane and wax into one product, making it easy to apply and providing superior protection against wear and tear.

This type of polish generally takes multiple coats to get an even sheen, but it offers the most durable finish out of all wood floor polishes.

Safety Measures Before Applying Wood Floor Polish?

Wood floors are a beautiful addition to any home, but they require special care to keep them looking their best. Polish can help to protect your floors and keep them looking shiny and new, but it’s important to take some safety measures before you start.

First, make sure that the area you’re working in is well-ventilated. Polish fumes can be harmful, so it’s important to open windows and doors or use a fan to circulate the air.

Second, wear gloves to protect your hands from the polish and any potential chemicals. Third, apply the polish in a thin layer, using a soft cloth or applicator pad.

Once you’ve finished polishing, give the floor a chance to dry completely before walking on it or replacing furniture.

How to Buy a Wood Floor Polish?

Things to Consider:


The polish with a lower concentration can’t cover a large area. And you may need to buy multiple items to cover a large home. So, you have to consider a wood floor polish with a high-concentration formula. So, you can easily cover a large wood floor surface.

Floor Type

Most importantly, don’t forget to consider your floor type. Make sure the wood polish you are going to pick is suitable for your floor. Because there are multiple types of wood floors such as sealed, unsealed, softwood, solid wood, engineered wood, and more.

The best way to check the product’s suitability with the floor type is by reading the product description.

Easy to Apply

If you are going to do it as a DIY project on a weekend then choose one that is easy to apply and simple to use. For better results, don’t forget to read the instructions manual. Most importantly, you should have all the required tools as well.


You should know every wood floor polish has a different finishing look. A wood floor polish that is more suitable for a natural look won’t give you a high gloss wood finish. Same as a polish with high gloss wood finishing won’t give a natural look to a floor.

So, it’s up to you what type of finishing you like.

Should be non-toxic

A wood floor polish can be harmful when formulated with polyurethane to other toxic chemicals to increase its concentration level. So, these toxic wood polishes are not recommended for those who have children and pets at home.

But don’t worry, I tried to cover up the non-toxic products in this best wood floor polish list. So, you should go with a non-toxic wood polish or the least toxic.


A wood floor polish that is more than polished is known as more versatile. Make sure your pick can fill the scratches too rather than only providing a shiny look to the upper layer of wood. Moreover, it should be used on other types of floorings like laminate and vinyl.

Simply, it should be more than a wood polish!

Dry duration

Every wood floor polish has a different drying duration. It can vary with the temperature as well. But you have to give a good amount of time to dry a coat if you want to apply two to three coats.

Make sure it doesn’t appear to be patchy and streaky.


You have to consider your selected product doesn’t leave behind residue when it is applied on the wood floor surface. Hopefully, you won’t see a product that leaves behind residue in this guide.

However, the minor leftover residue can be cleaned using a microfiber head mop. But do it after drying the floor completely.

Precautions for Wood Floor Polish Application

Precautions for floor Polish Application. Applying floor polish is a great way to keep your floors looking shiny and new, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to avoid damaging your floors.

First, make sure that the floor is clean and free of debris before you start polishing. Otherwise, you run the risk of scratching the floor.

Second, use a lint-free cloth to apply the polish, and work in small sections to avoid leaving streaks.

Finally, be sure to buff the floor after applying the polish to ensure even coverage.

7 Best Wood Floor Polish

Our Top Pick

1. Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Luster

Volume: 1800 Milliliters

If you have children and pets in your home, you can trust this Quick Shine hardwood floor luster. Because it is known as climate pledge friendly and doesn’t affect the wood floor material. It provides both cleaning and shining.

You simply need to apply it with dry dust to remove any type of dirt and dust on the hardwood floor. It provides a natural finish to your floor in a single coat.

For a high gloss wood finish, you have to wait for 30 minutes. Let dry the 1st coat and then apply the additional coat for a high gloss finish.

It is made of the most advanced technology and is responsible for providing a more safe floor surface for your family. Performance-wise it is one of the top-rated products with zero toxicity and zero residues.

Moreover, if you don’t like additional fragrances, this is perfect because it is fragrance-free.


  • EPA approved
  • Cleaner and luster
  • Suitable for all types of hard and soft wood floors, especially for dry-sealed wood floors
  • Ideal to restore the color and beauty of wood
  • Refill the micro-scratches with a protective filling layer
  • Easy application; Do it as a DIY project
  • Top buyer review: Affordable, effective, and easy hardwood floor shiner


  • Not long-lasting on bamboo flooring
  • Top critical review: Cloudy residue, hard to get off

Best Wood Floor Polish
Image: Amazon.com

Best For Pet Owners

2. Bona Hardwood Floor Polish-High Gloss

If you have pets and a hardwood floor at the same time in your home, you should have a long-lasting wood floor shiner as well. Because it is not an easy job to deal with the mess that is created by pets.

Usually, a hardwood floor loses its shine within a few weeks if you have more than one pet in your home and high human foot traffic as well. And it won’t be easy to get back it to multiple times in a month. Obviously, it won’t be affordable!

So, you need a high gloss wood floor polish that can last for 3 to 4 months at least.

Bona hardwood floor polish is an ideal pick for this type of situation. It has a protective formula that can deal with scuff marks, scratches, pet dirt, and other types of mess. Its high gloss shine works like a protective shield against heavy foot traffic.

A microfiber head mop is enough to apply on the surface. Moreover, it is GreenGaurd certified so it is safer for the home environment with low VOC emissions.


  • One bottle can cover 500 square feet
  • It provides a high gloss finish to a dull floor
  • It protects the floors against future wear and traffic
  • Non-toxic
  • More suitable for all types of unwaxed and finished wood floors


  • Can’t be used as a hardwood floor cleaner

Image: Amazon.com

Best For High Foot Traffic

3. Weiman Wood Floor Polish and Restorer 

If you have hardwood flooring in the areas of your home with high foot traffic then this masterpiece can restore the shine and luster of your wood floor. Because high foot traffic means the wood floor lost its natural shine within a few weeks.

It also works as a floor cleaner and removes any type of debris from the floor surface by vacuuming or sweeping.

It provides a natural wood look in a single coat. However, to get a high gloss finish you may need to apply additional coats. But before applying the second coat you have to wait for 30 minutes to dry the floor.

You can apply three coats in a day but for better results do not apply more than three coats in 24 hours time duration.


it works like a protecting layer and prevents the upper wood layer from any further scratches. And also it makes the previous scratches disappear.


  • It provides a natural wood shine
  • Leaves a protective layer on the surface
  • Leaves no sticky residue behind
  • Safe for home with children and pets
  • More suitable for finished hardwood floors


  • Can’t be used on unfinished and unsealed wood floors
  • Top critical review: “Don’t use on dark hardwood floors”

Image: Amazon.com

Best For Dark Wood Floors

4. Howard Products Restor-A-Finish

If you have a dark hardwood floor then you need this Howard product with a unique finish penetrating formula. It penetrates the inner layer and brings back the original color and luster of the wood.

It restores the wood shine and blends out minor scratches. It is available in nine different textures and colors including maple-pine, golden oak, dark oak, walnut, dark walnut, cherry, mahogany, ebony brown, etc.

You have a lot of choices so you can choose as your desire.

Moreover, it eliminates scuff marks, watermarks, sun fade, and smoke damage from the surface of the hardwood floor.


  • Eliminates minor scratches, blemishes, and abrasions
  • More suitable for dark and medium dark wood floors
  • Easily restore the natural color and luster of the wood
  • Easy application with wipe-on and wipe-off process
  • Top positive review: “A miracle product”


  • Not a wood floor cleaner

Image: Amazon.com

Suitable for Engineered Hardwood Floors

5. Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer

Usually, every wood floor polish is made for solid hardwood floors but what about engineered wood floorings like vinyl wood planks and laminate? Not every wood floor polish can be suitable for these.

Because they are different from real wood floors. So, this product with the ultimate restoration and polishing formula is not only suitable for real wood floors but also an ideal option for engineered wood floors.

It provides a high gloss finish and resists stains, and spills with no waxy build-up. Moreover, it takes 45 minutes to dry and lasts for months. So, you don’t need to reapply after a few weeks.


  • Works on all types of wood floors
  • Low VOC floor restorer
  • Perfect for home and commercial use
  • Fills the minor scratches
  • Provides up to 50% more traction
  • Extra durable and long-lasting


  • Top critical review: “Can only be removed professionally”

Image: Amazon.com

Best For Sealed Wood Floors

6. Pledge Floor Gloss Liquid

This product is safer to use on finished and sealed hardwood floor surfaces. Especially in the areas with high foot traffic. It not only leaves a radiant shine on the surface but also removes scuffs.

Moreover, the high gloss finishing formula protects the floor from deep scratches and dirt. For a high gloss finish, a second coat may be applied.


  • Suitable for sealed, laminate, and no-wax wood floors
  • DIY application
  • Protector and restorer
  • Long-lasting
  • Ideal for busy places with high foot traffic


  • It takes more drying time between two coats (Recommended 8 hours)

Image: Amazon.com

7. Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner

Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner is not just another wood polish; it’s a product that brings a deep, lasting shine while also caring for the health of your flooring.

Its unique formula contains a blend of beeswax, carnauba wax, and refined oils, which penetrate deeply into the wood. This combination both cleans and nourishes the wood, preserving its natural beauty and prolonging its life.

The beeswax and carnauba wax then form a protective coating that helps the floor resist water and prevent fading from sunlight exposure. It’s also worth noting that this product enhances the grain and depth of the wood, bringing out its natural character and charm.

Whether for routine maintenance or restoring worn-out floors, Howard Feed-N-Wax is an excellent choice for achieving a lustrous, resilient wooden floor.

Best Wood Floor Polish
Image: Amazon


  • Contains a unique blend of beeswax, carnauba wax, and refined oils that penetrate deeply into the wood.
  • Cleans and nourishes wood while also providing a protective coating.
  • Enhances the grain and depth of the wood for a natural appearance.
  • Resists water and prevents fading from sunlight exposure.


  • May require frequent use for heavily worn-out or damaged floors.
  • Needs to be buffed in for the best results, which can be time-consuming.
  • May leave a residue if not properly buffed or wiped off

Bottom Line

Taking care of a wood floor requires special attention and the right polish to protect its surface from scratches and dirt while making it look shining like new.

The type of product used should depend on personal preference, as there are many options available including water- or oil-based polyurethane polish, wax varieties, and urethane-fortified products.

Wood floors add warmth and beauty to any home, but they require special care if you want them to last. The right polish can help protect their surface from scratches and dirt while making them shine like new.

Whether you opt for water- or oil-based polyurethane polish, wax varieties, or urethane-fortified products – there’s an option out there that’s perfect for your needs.

With proper application and maintenance, you can keep your wood floors looking their best for years to come.

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Why is it important to polish a wood floor?

Wood floor polish is an important thing to do if you want to keep your wood floor shiny for a long time duration. Moreover, it protects the material from minor scratches and damage.

What is the difference between a high gloss finish and a natural finish?

The wood floor polish provides an extremely shiny look, like glass. While on the other hand, the natural finish restores the natural wood look. To get a gloss finish you may need more than one coat but for a natural or low gloss finish, a single cot will be enough.

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