How to Get Wax Off Hardwood Floor in 7 Steps

If you are the one who is fond of candles along the wood floor but hates the mess they create after melting I sincerely think, that your problem must be solved. Wax whether candle wax or another wax buildup can make or break the whole symmetry of the floor.

So when they are fowling with your floor they must get rid. In this article, you will find methods of removing both waxes whether it’s candle wax or buildup wax.

Let’s start with buildup wax!

Apart from candle wax floor wax is generally made up of animals, vegetables, or mineral fats that are considered never dry. Wax is not a durable finish despite its protection against humidity as it must be renewed routinely.

With the passage of time, it occurred as the buildup of old wax makes the achieving of refinishing a hard matter.

Unless the strokes of old wax have been removed the appliance of durable finish such as polyurethane is not possible.

Don’t worry buddy your panic sentiment will turn into a happy moment to learn the easy methods of removing wax from your hardwood floor.

Without making delay here is how to get wax off hardwood floors.


Before attempting to remove wax from your hardwood floor, it’s important to prepare the area properly. Start by vacuuming or sweeping your floor to remove any loose dirt and debris.

This will make it easier for you to work on removing the wax and help ensure that all of the wax is removed. Once your floor is vacuumed and/or swept, use a damp cloth or mop to wipe away any remaining dirt.

This will help ensure that all of the wax is removed from the floor without leaving behind any residue.

Here are the items you need for the productivity you’ll have with them:

  • Rubber Gloves for hand safety
  • Knee Pads or Knee Cushions for knee protection
  • Broom & Dust Pan to pick the wax wastage
  • Mineral Spirits to get the wax soft to rub
  • Microfiber Cloths to rub the wax
  • A bucket to collect all the wax particles
  • Mop for final cleanup with hot water
  • 0000 Steel Wool to deeply clean textured areas of the floor

One-liner pro tip:

Clearing in a 4-foot by 4-foot makes a human body focally reach each position. You need to wear rubber gloves to save your hands.

It is most manageable to work in with a small section of flooring at a time. Working in roughly a 4-foot by 4-foot area makes it easy to reach in a single position. Keep your hands protected as you work with rubber gloves.

It is also a good idea to wear old clothing because stripping wax can be a messy process. Once you’ve removed all the build-up and restored your hardwood floors to their original beauty, your job is done now.

4 Steps to Clear Wax Buildup

1. Pour Mineral Spirits onto a Soft Cloth

Rub mineral spirits and cloth onto a section of the floor. Coating the mineral spirits onto the wax-surfaced floor, and rubbing the wax in the wood grain direction will ease the task to the extent.

Now you need to rub in a pressured way to let the wax come upon the cloth. After getting one section of the floor clean move to the next one with the same method. How would you know whether the wax is coming off or not?

When the cloth color turns yellow, you’ll notice the wax has started coming off. When the rubbing cloth comes clean after rubbing the section of your floor has completely gotten wax off.

2. Use Mineral Spirits with Steel Wool to rub

After getting the surface wax off it is time to go to the next move, for deep wax cleaning on textured planks of the wood floor pour the mineral oil onto steel wool and rub it on the same partition of flooring, rub along with the wood grain to keep your floor trouble-free.

The steel wool makes it easy to function in deep channels present on heavily textured wood timbers.

3. Replicate the procedure with the next segment

With the help of mineral oil and both a steel wool pad and cloth the wax coat will be cleared out, now is the best time to move on to the next segment of wood flooring.

To route where you have been and what section is still needed to nurse, you just have to move on in a logical design.

While striping the wax from your hardwood flooring, protect your knees by using the prescribed thick-knee pads or a gardening cushion to help your knees to be protected.

4. Hot water mopping

How to Get Wax Off Hardwood Floor
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To achieve the hardwood floor pro cleanliness look give it a hot water bath with a mop.

After getting the whole wood floor completely waxed off let it dry, it is needed to dry the remaining water with extra care, as the hardwood floor cannot bear water for long and it gets damaged and has water stains.

Likewise, earlier use the segment method in a logical structure to mop perfectly with a microfiber cloth on a dry mop.

5. Dry the Floor

Drying your hardwood floor thoroughly is an essential step that should not be overlooked. Leaving any moisture on the wood can lead to water damage, staining, or even cause the wood to warp over time.

Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe across the floor’s surface, following the direction of the wood grain. Make sure to reach every corner and edge of the floor.

If the floor still seems damp after wiping, leave it to air dry before walking on it or placing any furniture. Remember, the key to maintaining the longevity and beauty of your hardwood floor is to ensure it stays dry and clean.

6. Let’s Refinish the Floor now

Before providing a finish let the floor dry completely, because applying finish on a wet floor may waste your time and investment.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions while applying a fresh layer may ease your task so must follow.

Mark the date of reapplying wax on the calendar to estimate the accurate date of the next appliance. It will help you to know how often re-application is required.

After the wax is stripped, you have the choice of applying a polyurethane coating that is more durable than a wax coating. This can be a stronger, and longer-lasting alternative if you want to prevent wax build-up in the future.

Do not apply a layer of polyurethane until you are sure all wax is removed. When in doubt, rub a cloth with mineral oil over the surface and see if it comes up clean. If it does, it is safe to apply polyurethane.

It seems like a tough task to clear out a year’s wax-build but you will love to hear and believe that it can be a matter of satisfaction to your nervous system with a little workout.

All you need is a few low-budget objects with their help of them the transformation of a hardwood floor into a tidy and clean space is unchallenging.

It is a good idea to invite a family member to spend some work amount, it will break down the tasks into easy-breezy chunks over the rout of a hard few weekends.


  • Start with a foyer such as a manageable area.

7. Repeat if Necessary

In cases where stubborn wax still clings to your hardwood floor even after following the steps, don’t be disheartened. This is not uncommon and simply means the process needs to be repeated.

It’s essential to be patient and persistent, as multiple rounds of freezing, scraping, cleaning, and drying may be required to completely rid your floor of the wax. Always ensure you’re using a gentle hand when scraping to avoid any potential damage to the floor.

Remember, the goal is to maintain the floor’s integrity while giving it a thorough clean. With each round, you’ll find the wax diminishing, leading to the restoration of your floor’s original beauty and shine.


Things to consider carefully:

  • Never use a hairdryer or hot air gun to soften the wax. After melting wax may absorb into the pores of the wood floor
  • For stubborn finishes, you’ll need a stripper. Choose a stripper wisely that is labeled to use with wax, not for furniture.

Prevention Is Key

The best way to keep wax from building up on your hardwood floors is to avoid using wax in the first place. If you do choose to use a furniture polish or wood treatment, make sure it’s specifically designed for use on hardwood floors.

This will help prevent wax buildup that can be difficult to remove.

You should also make sure to regularly clean your hardwood floors with a damp mop or cloth and appropriate cleaning products. Doing this will remove any dust or dirt that could cause the wax to stick to the floor, as well as any wax buildup that may have occurred.

Finally, you should take precautions to protect your hardwood floors from scuffs and scratches. This includes using felt pads on the bottom of chairs, tables, and other furniture, as well as placing rugs in high-traffic areas of your home.

Taking these steps will help keep your hardwood floors looking great for years to come.

Let’s discuss another matter of the article the candle wax:

Candles are poetic, have a sense of peace, and calm, and are romanticized. Until some accident comes to the scene and it drips onto your hardwood floor but instead of panic expressions, some efforts are not tough at all to get rid of candle wax from your hardwood floor.

Remove Candle Wax from Wood Floors

1. Risky heating method

The very fast and easy method of getting rid of candle wax from your hardwood floor is re-heating the wax to remove it.

It is considered the gentlest way to remove the wax by using a hairdryer or warm iron to convert the wax into its liquid form and wipe it off with a nylon cloth.

But as we mentioned before this method has its cons the wax can be soaked into the pores of wood it is a convenient way but it should be done perfectly fast. It needs to be done professionally.

2. Safest Chill Method

Chilling is another method to remove candle wax. Whether it may not provide much clean and tidy finish as compared to the heating method.

It is considered the safest method to remove wax as it does not damage the hardwood floor. In order to remove wax, you need ice in a freezer bag and put it on the section of a candle-stained floor. After contact with ice, the wax would become hard and brittle.

Now it’s time to pull it away from the floor. Chip it up with little care. Enjoy flooring.

3. Settle and Scrap:

The simplest and the easiest method to get rid of candle wax is to after dropping let it settle for a while after settling scrap it with the help of a spatula.

It is needed to do when the wax behaves nice and gentle on your hardwood floor it will not work perfectly on a stubborn wax-stained hardwood floor.

4. Wax Removal Products

Some products are available in the market specifically formulated to remove candle wax some of them are highly rated.

For minor spills, these products are a good idea as they rapidly remove wax with zero effort. Goo Gone, Weiman Wax Away, and De-Solv-it Orange-Sol Citrus Solution Spray are some products recommended by us.

Bottom Line

Removing wax from hardwood floors can be a challenging task, but with the right supplies and techniques, you can get your hardwood floors looking as good as new. If wax buildup has been an ongoing problem in your home, take the time to regularly clean your floors and protect them from dirt and scratches. Doing this will help keep your hardwood floors looking like new for many years to come.

At the end of the day, taking care of your hardwood floors is essential if you want them to remain in good condition and look great for a long time.

Moreover, commercial products that are designed for wax removal are also good. They need extra care while using and must follow the manufacturer’s instructions fully.


Q: How often should I clean my hardwood floors?

You should aim to sweep and mop your hardwood floors at least once a week. This will help remove any dust, dirt, and wax buildup that could be damaging the floor over time.

Q: Can I use furniture polish on my hardwood floors?

No, you should not use furniture polish on hardwood floors. Furniture polish contains a wax-based compound that could leave a buildup on your floor over time. Instead, opt for natural cleaners such as vinegar or lemon juice to clean your hardwood floors.

Q: How can I protect my hardwood floors from scuffs and scratches?

You can protect your hardwood floors by adding protective felt pads to the bottom of chairs, tables, and other furniture. Additionally, placing rugs in high-traffic areas of your home can help reduce wear and tear on your hardwood floors.

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